Adress:,Rudong countyNantong,Jiangsu,China

Phone: +86-17326902001

Fax:0086 513 84549309

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About Us

Nantong Dongqing Machinery Co., Ltd is a branch of Jiahua Group, which is headquartered in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, and has branches all over China. We are located besides brother company, Rudong Jiahua Food Machinery Co., Ltd, which is connected to Shanghai, the economic and business center of China. The advantageous location brings us the best and most comprehensive products and information.

Nantong Dongqing Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional supplier of food equipment for wholesalers, distributors, retailers, small shops, restaurants and hotels. We have already surprised customers from all over the world with high quality and comprehensive products since first opening its doors.

We supply a wide range of restaurant and hotel using products, including kitchen equipment and utensil, bakery equipment, food processing equipment, refrigeration equipment, table ware, bar and coffee ware etc. Our sales consultants offer a bundle of value-added services to our customers, dedicated to helping them operate more efficiently in today's competitive business environment. We put our best efforts on choosing raw materials, checking products during producing and testing finished products before they leave the factories. We guarantee the quality of our products and lower the cost as much as possible, which makes our price setting superior to others'. Dongqing is your reliable business solution, not just your supplier.

1. Complete range of products; one-stop purchasing;
2. Quality measure up to International standards;
3. Various connections make us satisfy all needs for customers;
4. Customized products for special requirements;
5. 12 months of quality guarantee; lifetime technique supports and accessories providing.