• zhu Zack

4.Durability(The factor before you choose a blender)

The commercial blender service life

1. The shaft seal adopts the built-in skeleton type seal ring, which can realize the three-dimensional sealing structure of the end face, the side face and the end of cutter shaft. Effectively avoid the water leakage of the cutter shaft, more reliable and higher life.

2. The connector adopts metal and natural rubber to transmit power. Buffer damping, stable transmission, lower noise and higher life.

3. When the jar is connected with the blender foundation, the natural rubber parts should be used for vibration reduction on the contact surface, which can reduce the vibration and noise of the whole blender.

4, The bottom cover air duct of blender foundation, using centrifugal cooling, high efficiency. The air inlet channel and the air outlet channel are separated from each other to effectively prevent hot air from flowing back into the air inlet. This type of air duct design reduces the temperature inside of the blender foundation and increases product life.

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