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Blender structure and composition

The commercial blender consists of a blender foundation, a blender jar and accessories.

The blender jar and blender foundation is seperate. The blender foundation unit includes a high speed motor, a transducer device, a safety switch assembly, a motor mounting bracket, a control button, a housing, and a heat dissipation system.

The cup body is composed of a transmission device, a blade set, jar, jar cover, a feed cover, and a seal.

The motor is a high-speed series motor. It is equipped with a currency and temperature double protection controller. The actual working speed is between 16000~30000 rev/min. The output end is connected with transmission structure, and the other end of the motor shaft is with a cooling fan.

The motor transmission part is made of zinc alloy. The transmission part and the motor shaft are tightly mounted. The transmission part is equipped with a soft material for noise reduction and shock absorption.

The safety switch assembly is equiped with a switch that will enable to activate the blender by placing the jar on the foundation. The commercial blender does not work when the foundation is not with a jar, which protects the user well.

The heat dissipation system consists of an air inlet and an air outlet. The air inlet of the commercial blender is set on both sides of the appliance, and the air outlet is at the button of the machine.The inlet and outlet need to be effectively separated to prevent the hot air from the air outlet from flowing back into the air inlet, thereby to avoid reducing the service life of the motor. Normally materials for the jar is 304 stainless steel, borosilicate glass, TRITAN plastic and PC plastic.

The blade set includes a blade seat, two stainless steel ball bearings and an inner seal ring. The blade is 6 or 4 or 2 blade and is riveted with the blade shaft.

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