• zhu Zack

3.Easy usage (The factor before you choose a blender)

Ease of use

1. Operation control mode: The commercial blenders alway have three control modes: knob operation, button operation and touch operation panel. The knob operation panel normally requires the user to control the working speed and time by themself. The button operation and the touch operation have timer to set the working time and speed. The user only needs to select the corresponding function, and the operation is simpler. In addition, some commercial blender combine the two control modes to make the operation more convenient.

2, Display method: Common display method is LCD display and digital tube display. Display of the graphic and text must be clear and easy to identify, the light is even.

3. In actual operation, it is necessary to check whether it is convenient to disassemble and clean the products such as the upper cover and the jar.

4. Whether there is the recipes, product accessories, after-sales and if the service is professional.

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