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How to choose the right blender and resell successfully

It is a important subject as a importor or distributor or retailer to choose the right product always. In blender industry, It is also important to know the detail of the goods to make sure it good for your market and will be popular in your area. Very good and excellent product won't earn market in aera people can't afford the price. Very cheap product can't be accepted in the place people care about quality. Only the suitable product will be popular in the suitable market.

As a professional supplier of commercial blender, I will show you some key point of commercial blender before determination.

1. Check the motor.

Motor is the most important part in a commercial blender. It's like heart of it. It's the motor rotate the blade to make juice, smoothie, powder etc. So it's obviously we want durable motor.

We know normally blender motor is devided into 2 category: Aluminum motor and copper motor.

Normally blender use full copper motor has long life comparing with Aluminum motor blender. So choose full copper blender is normally good choice.

And you need know the item number of motor to be a professional buyer. We have #9525, #9530, #9535, #9540,#9545 etc for customer to choose. It's very clear you choose the better motor with higher price. So don't worry about the supplier cheat you if you raise this question. And better motor is with high power normally, So feel free to choose the commercial blender you need. It can help you choose home use blender too.

2.check the outline and appearance of the blender.

This is a easy way to check if it's a good quality or best quality or bad quality blender. You can just ask him for the photo and video, then you can know it. If they don't provide it, then it's hard to tell if they are a real supplier or just a cheater.

3.check the material of the jar.

The juice, smoothie, powder etc is all from the jar. So it's vital task to keep the jar is healty or it will harm huam body. The blender jar material we normally know is triton and PC normmly. They are transparant and has good condition. But PC jar will release poison when heating. In normal condition they are all excellent choice to make the blender jar. By the way, Triton blender jar is more expensive than the PC blender jar. You can't judge PC is bad and not suitable, because some country don't use it in heated condition. So it's OK too. But when you grind nuts, spice etc, Extra heat will come from the blender blade and the blender buttom. Then Posion BPA come from it and leak into food.

And about blade, 304 SUS blender blade is essential for food contact. It's healthy enough.

In conclusion, Above 3 advice can hlep you a lot in choose the importing blender.

Want cheap or good, check your market and come decide the right profitable blender.

I will update more blog in the future.

Hope you a nice day!

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