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How to clean high speed juicer

1. After the juice is squeezed, disconnect the juicer from the power supply and separate the cup and the foundation unit. First clean the jucier roughly, do not let the coagulation and other debris in the juicer screwed, which will bring some trouble to the next cleaning process.

2, Remove the blade if you can, but removal should not be too frequent, the blade set is easy to be wraped by the fiber or residue of fruit and other foods. The residue on blade should be removed in the direction of winding, and then rinsed with water.

3,The small brush or toothbrush is useful. They have a special effect when cleaning small places. The cleaning effect is better.

4. If the blade is used for grinding meat. Smash the remaining bread into slag and place in juicer for stirring. This can effectively absorb the minced meat etc, then it's all clean.

5, The outside cleaning is relatively simple, wipe with a rag, remember not to wash with water, or scrape with a hard object, so as not to cause surface damage. The base can not be immersed in water, so as to avoid the insulation of the motor is destroyed.

Cleaning tips

1. It is most common to use a juicer to extract fruit. After the juicing, cleaning is not easy.

2. We can slowly pull out the fiber strips on the juicer cutter head in the direction of the juicer. No too much strength!

3, Then clean other parts with a juicer brush, but no too much strength too.

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