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What is commercial high speed juice blender

Commercial High Speed ​​Blender, which combines the functions of juicer, smoothie machine, ice curshing making, cooking machine, powder grinder, etc. Commercial blender is multi-functional.

The principle is that blender can quickly break the cell wall and release plant biochemistry. Due to the ultra-high speed (22000 rev / min or higher) can instantly break the cell wall of fruits and vegetables, and effectively extract plant biochemicals, thus gaining the reputation of nutrition extractor. It is one of the home appliance for healthy life and delicious drink making.

The latest generation of commercial blender is a multi-function deep-breaking food machine that combines heating and mixing. It can be used not only for vegetable juice, sand ice, but also for soy milk, fish soup, medicinal soup, and congee. The technology of breaking the wall at low speed and enhanced torque.

New generation commercial blender
New generation commercial blender

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