Dreamer:Orange Juicer Orange Squeezing Machine Citrus Juicer Electric Fruit Juicer Machine Lemon Lime Auto Feed Commercial (Plastic Tank)【Automatic Feeding】auto feed 22 to 30 oranges per minute make quick work out of your juicing process with the juice machine, capable of squeezing 20 to 30 oranges squeezes oranges ranging from dia. 40-90Mm) lemons or limes per minute. You’ll no longer have to squeeze each orange individually by hand. This impressive machine will easily peel and squeeze multiple oranges at once so you can enjoy as much juice as you desire【Stainless Steel Construction】Heavy duty construction made from a stainless steel case, The floor model juice machine is incredibly durable and sturdy. It can take regular use and won't easily be scratched or dented. The powerful 120W motor will run a long time without needing a break so you don't have to worry about overheating with this durable machine.【Safety Cut off Switched】The commercial lemon squeezer will not working without the cover place. When the lid is off, the machine simply won't start so you don't have to be concerned about tiny hands and fingers getting stuck. And in the rare case that you detect a problem and want to shut the machine off instantly, there’s a safety switch that makes it a breeze.【Easy to clean 】the commercial orange juicer is easy to clean even after squeezing 20 oranges into delicious freshly squeezed juice, you won't be left with a machine full of hard-to-clean remnants. Instead, this sleek machine leaves only a quick and simple clean-up to make your job so much easier.【Widely Application】Wide commercial applications used in groggery, restaurant, hotels, supermarkets, shopping mall, fruit shops, schools and canteens, suit for small drink shops, fruit shop, bars, office of cards, tea and cafe, a very wide range of applicationsDreamer:Model: XC2000E-2Dimensions: 400*300*790mmVoltage: 110/120/220/230VPower: 0.12kwSize of orange: 40-90mmSuggested size: 60-70mmOutput: 22-25oranges/minJuice collector: 3LN/W: 40kg

Orange Juicer

  • Model: XC2000E-2
    Dimensions: 400*300*790mm
    Voltage: 110/120/220/230V
    Power: 0.12kw
    Size of orange: 40-90mm
    Suggested size: 60-70mm
    Output: 22-25oranges/min
    Juice collector: 3L
    N/W: 40kg